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Based at Altrincham Municipal Golf Course in the North-West of England, eight miles south of Manchester, Altrincham Golf Club offers competitive golf on a largescale. There are major competitions most weekends from April to October, and there are some major competitions during the winter months. If there are no major competitions over a weekend there is normally a social competition.

The club is a recognised member of both the Cheshire Golf Union and the English Golf Union, and the handicap you earn will give you the opportunity to take part in open competitions played at other clubs and courses. Take a look at the membership page for full details.

The club room has recently been renovated, and a bar installed, and it is hoped this will become the venue for a wide range of social events.In May 2003 The Old Hall was bought by Hydes Brewery and has been converted into a Heritage Inn. Meals will be available in The Old Hall for visiting golf societies.

If you are new to the game of Golf, or want expert advice on your technique, lessons can be arranged with the course professional. Full details are available on request.

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